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Western State Bank

Heilman Named to State Banking Commission Board

Chief Financial Officer, Todd Heilman, was recently named to the State Banking Commission Board. “I am excited about the addition of Todd to the State Banking Board and appreciate his willingness to serve,” said Lise Kruse, Department of Financial Institutions Commissioner. “Todd’s many years of experience will be beneficial and provide valuable insight in his role on the State Banking Board.”

The State Banking Board consists of seven members, including the Commissioner of North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions, who are appointed by the Governor. The Board is an administrative agency with powers and duties to make final determinations pertaining to state-chartered bank and trust charters. Also, the Board acts in an advisory capacity with respect to the duties and powers given by statute to the Department, and reviews and provides oversight over the Department’s decisions. Four members of the Board must be in an executive capacity in management of a state bank for five years; one member in an executive capacity in management of a state bank or a national bank for five years; and one member is from the public.

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