High-Balance Deposit Accounts

Get full FDIC insurance protection for your deposits over $250,000.

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Protect your business or public funds while enjoying the personalized business banking support and service you always receive from Western State Bank. For balances higher than the $250,000 FDIC limit, we offer*:

  • Certificate of Deposit Account Registry (CDARS®)
  • Insured Cash Service (ICS®)

Using these programs lets you easily secure your funds in multiple FDIC-insured accounts with participating financial institutions, while still working directly with Western. That means you get the peace of mind you want with the excellent service you deserve.

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How it works

Western State Bank is part of the IntraFi® network of banks, which is why we're able to offer these programs.

If you have an account with a balance over $250,000, these programs allow you to:

  • Divide your funds into amounts that meet or are lower than the $250,000 FDIC limit
  • Take full advantage of FDIC insurance across all of your funds
  • Receive only one statement
  • Continue to work with Western as your primary bank

About CDARS®

  • CDs: Place funds into CDs
  • Reinvesting: Enjoy the option to reinvest funds
  • Earnings: Earn one rate for each CD maturity
  • Maturity: Choose from term options (ranging from four weeks to three years) that meet your liquidity needs

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About ICS®

  • Account Options: Place funds into checking, savings, or money market accounts
  • Interest and deposits: Earn interest on your funds and enjoy unlimited deposits without a minimum balance requirement

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Additional Benefits


  • Convenience: Whether you open an ICS® or CDARS® account, you work with Western directly. You skip the hassle of working with multiple banks to open different accounts.
  • Full insurance coverage: You can rest assured knowing your funds have full FDIC insurance coverage from the network of banks.
  • Information privacy: Both of these programs comply with all FDIC requirements. Your confidential information is not shared with the ICS® and CDARS® bank network. 
  • Account security: With either an ICS® or CDARS® account, your funds are only deposited in FDIC-insured banks. Your chosen bank will serve as the custodian of your deposits.

Learn more from IntraFi®

Watch this short video from IntraFi® to learn more about how these products work.

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Enjoy access to millions in FDIC insurance protection for your business or public funds.

Get started with ICS® or CDARS® today.

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"I am happy I moved my business checking account and treasury management services to Western over 15 years ago. They save my business money, they provide the treasury services my business needs, and the team provides excellent customer service. I appreciate and value my banking relationship with Western State Bank."

Rob Jordahl, President/Owner of Jordahl Custom Homes, Inc.

"This is the type of banking relationship a business hopes to achieve with its banker. We look forward to a long-term relationship with Western State Bank."

Clinton O. Shreeve, LC Jacobson & Company

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Conrad Graff, Ex-Officio, Benevilla

"I wanted to reach out to say thank you. Western has been a very good bank to us and this is just another example of the help you provide!"

Chris and Samantha Bachmeier, Bachmeier Homes

"I consider our relationship with Western as a real partnership that adds value to our business."

Jim Szymanski, James Associates

"Chezy has had tremendous growth over the past couple of years and Western has been there every step of the way! We pride ourselves on providing quality video marketing content while being budget conscious. We chose Western to be our bank because of their great service, their ability to scale with Chezy as we’ve grown, and their ability to save us money on our banking services!"

Joe Tjosvold, Founder of Chezy

"At Western, the personal service is really different. The products are great, but their ultimate personal service really stands out."

Ron Schmitz, Ultimate Transportation