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Chandler Mertz

Customer Service Manager


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Chandler serves as the Customer Service Manager at Western State Bank in Fargo, ND. He assists customers with processing transactions, identifies customer needs, and delivers an exceptional customer experience.

Chandler joined Western State Bank as a Customer Service Representative in 2018. He's originally from West Fargo and currently resides there.

"Our family has been banking at Western for three generations now. I’ve been here over 40 years. During that time, a relationship of mutual trust has been built, and I feel very comfortable here at Western. I like the fact that I personally know most everyone. Western has always worked with us as our farm and family have grown."

Terry (James & Jon) Haman, Crary, ND

"Angie and the team were great! I am a first-time homebuyer so I was new to the process. Angie and the team made things easy and helped guide me from start to finish. It was an awesome experience and I will recommend Angie to all my friends and family."

Hayden, Mortgage Customer, West Fargo

"Your guidance and support of Benevilla mean a great deal to me, our organization, and most importantly our clients. "

Conrad Graff, Ex-Officio, Benevilla

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